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Still exist! Jun. 1st, 2014 @ 01:22 am
swestrup sez:
Rumor has it that LJ has been bought out by someone who plans to do a lot better maintenance and upkeep than has been the case for the last few years. Not sure if this dying behemoth can be brought back to life, but I wish the project well.

I just wondered how many folks are still around. Why not everyone who reads this post a message to your LJ that you are still around, still exist, and lets see if there's any community left here. So like the Whovians from Horton Hears a Who...

We are here! We are Here! WE ARE HERE!


Off to That Thing In The Desert Aug. 24th, 2013 @ 09:27 am
Flying today to Reno (via Atlanta and Salt Lake City, ugh), then wandering up Sunday to Black Rock City. Camping at the Lost Penguin Café, 6:00 & D, yay!

See you when I get back from the dust.

That Thing In The Desert! Sep. 13th, 2012 @ 02:29 am
Took me over a week, but I finally unscrambled my brains enough to edit my photos from Burning Man, winnowing down 910 shots to a mere 145.


More about wind, dust, and fire...Collapse )

That Thing in the Desert Aug. 25th, 2012 @ 06:35 am
Am off to see a Man about a Burn.

See ya on the flipside, folks!

PORTAGE to the desert! Aug. 13th, 2012 @ 05:00 am
What's grimmwire been up to this summer? you might be wondering.

Well, as the Montreal Regional Contact for the Burning Man organization, I've been involved in a collaborative art project called "PORTAGE."

Later this month at Burning Man, out there in the Black Rock desert of Nevada, there will be a ring of thirty-five sculptures around The Man. This world-spanning project is called C.O.R.E. -- the Circle Of Regional Effigies. Contributed by Burning Man communities around the globe, these sculptures will be displayed during the festival, then burned in a single massive conflagration on Thursday 30th August.

Montreal's artwork consists of two wooden figures carrying a giant canoe, over twenty feet long and nearly as tall -- representing the spirit of multi-cultural collaboration that makes Montreal such a creative, vibrant place to live.

Our sculpture is nearly finished, but we need your participation to help us bring PORTAGE to the desert. It's a big undertaking and we'd appreciate any donation you can make.

Watch our video and donate here:

Et merci beaucoup!


"Oblique Strategies" for Authors Jul. 21st, 2012 @ 12:41 am
Readercon 23 was a blast. I had a fantastic time -- as usual. Readercon has been my favourite convention since I started attending with Readercon #2 in 1989(!)

Most of my panels were fun, but none more so than "Oblique Strategies for Authors". The idea is a riff on the Oblique Strategies card deck produced by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt back in the 1970's. Each Oblique Strategy card provides a cryptic directive —- such as “Use an old idea” or “Honour thy error as a hidden intention” —- intended to help an artist deal with a creative block or dilemma. You just draw a random card and do whatever it says to do; this may involve a convoluted interpretation of the often-cryptic message on the card.

Get really oblique -- behind the cutCollapse )

My Readercon schedule -- w00t! Jul. 10th, 2012 @ 02:16 am

This weekend is Readercon! Here's what I'll be up to:

Friday July 13
11:00 AM    G    Subversion Through Friendliness. Glenn Grant, Victoria Janssen (leader), Toni L.P. Kelner, Alison Sinclair, Ruth Sternglantz. In a 2011 review of Vonda N. McIntyre's classic Dreamsnake, Ursula K. Le Guin quotes Moe Bowstern's slogan "Subversion Through Friendliness" and adds, "Subversion through terror, shock, pain is easy—instant gratification, as it were. Subversion through friendliness is paradoxical, slow-acting, and durable. And sneaky." Is subversion through friendliness a viable strategy for writers who desire to challenge norms? What are its defining characteristics? When do readers love it, and when does it backfire?
4:00 PM    ME    Oblique Strategies for Authors. Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen, Gavin J. Grant, Glenn Grant (leader), Katherine MacLean, Eric M. Van, Jo Walton.In 1975 Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt published a deck of cards called "Oblique Strategies." Each card provides a cryptic directive—such as "Use an old idea" or "Honour thy error as a hidden intention"—intended to help an artist deal with a creative block or dilemma. While many of the original strategies are useful for writers of fiction, others (such as "The tape is now the music") are perhaps only appropriate for musicians and visual artists. Let's brainstorm a deck of Oblique Strategies specifically designed to provide unexpected creative kicks for authors who are in a jam.
Proposed by Glenn Grant.

Sunday July 15
2:00 PM    F    When All You Have Is a Hammer, Get a Sonic Screwdriver . Debra Doyle, Lila Garrott, Glenn Grant, Graham Sleight (leader), Jo Walton. In an SF Signal podcast episode discussing Readercon 22, Jeff Patterson suggested that our traditional critical vocabulary may be ill-suited or inadequate for discussing space opera or hard SF. Is this true of hard SF in specific, or is there a broader problem of adapting mainstream critical vocabulary, largely evolved to discuss realistic fiction, to the particular problems of SF or fantasy? What are the specific aspects of the fantastic that seem to require special critical tools? Are certain critical terms borrowed from the fan or writer's workshop communities, like "worldbuilding," useful ways of extending our critical vocabularies?

My Arisia 2012 schedule Jan. 10th, 2012 @ 12:08 am
This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I'll be at the Arisia sf convention (missing out entirely on Monday, alas). Here's my schedule:

(Item 758) Reading: Grant, Nurenberg, & Wilk - Quincy - Fri 11:30 PM - Duration: 01:15
Authors Glenn Grant, David Nurenberg, and Steven R. Wilk will read selections from their works.

(Item 39) Our Grim Meat-Hook Future - Douglas - Sat 1:00 PM - Duration: 01:15
With Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein (mod), Steve Sawicki, Glenn Grant, Alexander Jablokov, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert.
The hopeful, bright future imagined in *Star Trek* and other SF classics doesn't seem to be in the cards for us. Instead the world seems to be following the path forecast in *1984,* *Brave New World,* and other dystopias. What, if anything, can we do to cope with living in our rapidly-darkening world?

(Item 629) My Bizarre Writing Process - Paine - Sat 2:30 PM - Duration: 01:15
With Cecilia Tan (mod), Jeanne Cavelos, Melina Gunnett, Glenn Grant, Maddy Myers.
Each writer has their own process, habits, and methods for getting the ideas flowing on to the page. Our panelists describe the methods to their madness, tips, and tricks that may work for you as well.

(Item 158) SF Spaceship Design for Artists - Carlton - Sat 5:30 PM - Duration: 01:15
With James T Henderson Jr (mod), Bruce Mackenzie, Glenn Grant, "Zubie" Zeballos, Thomas Nackid.
What is the artist's process for deciding what a particular spaceship should look like? What elements does an artist consider necessary to integrate into a spaceship design? How does current technology affect how one imagines what these vehicles look like?

In the program, you will probably also see my name on this Sunday panel, which sadly I am going to miss, as it turns out I have to head back to Montreal a day earlier than I expected:
(Item 76) A "Self" or "No Self?" Neuroscience in SF - Independence - Sun 4:00 PM

Am particularly looking forward to the Spaceship Design for Artists panel -- combining two subjects dear to my heart: spacecraft and art. Should be big fun.

Will I be seeing you at the con?

Montreal Santarchy 2011 Dec. 19th, 2011 @ 08:19 pm
17 December 2011: Montreal invaded by a rampaging horde of Santas! Pubs and bars fall one by one to the staggering Red Menace. Nothing stops them, not even vast amounts of alcohol. By dawn, the city is reduced to flaming ruins. All in a night's work for Santa.

Santas at Hurley's

Actually, the turnout on Saturday was disappointing -- a mere ten Santas. We don't expect the 1000+ Santas that turn out for San Francisco Santarchy (the original epicentre of the Santarchy phenomenon, and much else besides), or even the 100+ that turn out for Toronto Santarchy. But it is rather sad when we get half the number of Santas as last year. Montreal really needs to pull up its red Santa Socks.

Santa Science (and Darwin) at Hurley's Santas at Foufs Santas at Ye Olde Orchard

Notwithstanding, all ten Santas has a very good time. Full photographic evidence is here on my Flickr account. Many thanks to all the Santas who came out!

Attack the gazebo! Nov. 23rd, 2011 @ 10:50 pm
Clearly the Toronto police do not know the dangers inherent in attacking the dread gazebo.

(For the bewildered.)
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